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What should a WordPress website cost?

It’s a great question. Of course the question itself comes pre-loaded with expectations. For many in asking this question they are looking at the way to figure out the lowest possible cost for a new / updated WordPress website.

For people who are actually serious about their business and aren’t in bootstrap mode that’s probably not a valid question or end result. Smart business people should probably be thinking more along the lines of what am I going to get, or what result might I be getting for the costs?

While the actual cost is highly relevant and everyone should want the best possible deal in doing any purchasing there is more involved than just how can I get a low cost theme for my site.

Last week I came across a great article by Tomaz Zaman on Codeable. It discusses the truth behind what a site really costs and resonates with some previous articles (content) I have produced.

Tomaz specifically addresses it for a WordPress website but the theory / reasoning behind his feelings is true for almost any method of building a website.

The fundamentals don’t change, just because the tools might have cheaper options.

Browsing sites across the web you can easily almost pick the theme many developers / freelancers are using. In fact many businesses are starting to meld into minor variations of themes picked up off the shelf. It’s very noticeable.

Themes can and do make sense in many ways, but there is always a catch.

Make sure that catch isn’t a shoddy site, a vanilla message that looks just like everyone else’s or just something that doesn’t grow and improve your business.

Here’s Tomaz’s article: How much does a wordpress website really cost?

And here is my previous articles in related areas:


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