Genesis Aquatics WordPress Conversion

For many website owners they can have a site built in an older Content Management System, hand coded html, or in a system they are just not very happy with.

In the case of the Genesis Aquatic Centre in Birsbane’s Northern Suburbs they had a site for the Swim Club which they quite liked but didn’t like the CSM and the theme wasn’t as consistent as they would like.

As a long term Ireckon customer for the main school, they asked us to convert the site into WordPress and update it so that it could continue to support the Swim Club and stay up to date.

With our WordPress light weight framework choices and theme options we were able to easily port the old site style across in to a new WordPress site, choose plugins to help provide similar functionality, customise areas that needed it and then quickly hand it back over for them to self manage the site.

Click to view this WordPress Site.


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