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Easier Shopping Sites with Woocommerce and WordPress

Selling online just keeps getting easier, and more cost effective for everyone. Woocommerce for WordPress is one of the options that makes a lot of sense for many sites.

I remember the early days of online shopping, and the lack of extendable easy to use products made it hard for businesses to retail their products. Even harder is that many businesses don’t necessarily fit a straight out of the box model.

On first glance you would think shopping is easy, you need a catalogue, a cart and a checkout that talks to a payment provider.

And that is the shell of any shopping experience. Once you start working in detail with businesses though you soon get to see that there are many steps in a lot of businesses that don’t fit that model perfectly. Some combinations of products need special shipping classes and prices, or for one product only they have to call first, or … the list can grow quickly.

Wholesale price options, information about order processes, didn’t all fit into the off the shelf early models of Shopping cart tools that came along. Progressively though different size businesses have taken approaches from entirely custom solutions to newer products that offer much more modern capabilities.

This hasn’t helped older sites with significant investments make the transition though, and many times as developers you are caught between supporting an old out-dated site that was good back in it’s time but is now not helpful nor the right tool. Helping clients make the transition and not see their previous investment as an outright loss can be hard, and making the transition is easier when you can show them something that does actually in many cases fulfill their needs.

Woocommerce has matured a lot and in my mind for wordpress sites is one of the best options available on the market. The main reason I think that is because it doesn’t try to do everything out of the box. It doesn’t attempt to have every variation built in for every type of customer.

Instead the core product is a good solid product and you can extend it with additional plugins from the developers or from 3rd parties.

As with many modern applications that allow integrated 3rd party access the usability of the product grows and so does the happiness of it’s users.

In several recent projects the ability to extend to include wholesale pricing management options, extended and complex shipping classes and rewards systems was just part of the reason to move a client over from an old internal system to something that helped them move forward quickly into a much more sophisticated system that will continue to grow with them.

In another project the support for a payment gateway didn’t exist but our ability to quickly build and deploy a plugin to talk to the API meant that the only obstacle was removed and the project could proceed using all the other functions.

It ensures longevity for all parties, easier and quicker deployments and a robust proven shopping platform.

Woocommerce and WordPress are definitely a good option to consider for a small to mid size shopping site that needs more flexibility that it currently has, and with themes available even the need for custom design solutions is heavily reduced.

If you want to know more about how you can use Woocommerce to upgrade your online shop, just ask.

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