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Brisbane Bathrooms renovation on WordPress and Genesis Framework.

Brisbane Bathrooms needed to get a change to their website but were reluctant to take on a full custom design for their site.

Ireckon has been providing minor site updates and hosting services to Brisbane Bathrooms for a number of years and recently took over managing their Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. This lead to us providing them with some further recommendations on items they need to improve their results.

With a need to get a better site structure, a blog, and other content management tools to help them, we recommended they use the Genesis framework on WordPress.

Setting up and configuring our standard recommended plugins is a short process and then, with some training and guidance, Brisbane Bathrooms have been able to quickly go from an out dated site to a fresh new look that they have control over, and are steadily building out the new features they need.

While much of our work is custom design and development work, we have a lot of experience working with WordPress sites and simplifying the process for site owners that want to self manage their website.

See what Danielle from Brisbane Bathrooms had to say:

We have been needing to upgrade our website for a long time.  Darryl knew of our situation and concerns, so he suggested we build a site from a pre-existing template, which is a very quick and cost-effective solution.

Because of our good experiences with Darryl and the ireckon team we commenced building our website with them – and inside two weeks our new site was live!  The website-building process was very easy, the ireckon team took care of the ‘technical’ side of things, and then Darryl arranged a few Skype calls where we could share screens so I could learn from the convenience of my own desk.  I am now able to take care of most of the website management, and for any additional help I need Darryl is only an email away.

The end result is a website which showcases our company and our work in a manner that we are very proud of.  For potential clients visiting our site, it is clean, simple to navigate, and meets all the requirements of modern smart devices.  As a website owner it is also very easy to work with, which means we can modify the site and add content ourselves, so we aren’t incurring costs every time we want to adjust our site.

Our sincerest thanks to the ireckon team for all their help over the years, and especially for our amazing new website – it is such an improvement on our old website that I just can’t stop looking at!  I would happily recommend this great local company to anyone needing help with their website or online presence, Darryl and the ireckon team’s knowledge and experience is definitely an asset to our business.

Choosing the right option for our clients is an important part of how we like to work.

The benefit of an experienced team and good communication on needs tends to lead to results which make an impact for their business – which is what we are ultimately about. Now we get to help Danielle and her team improve their overall performance and business results from the site.

Have a look at the Brisbane Bathrooms site.

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