4 WordPress Plugins you can’t do without

Wordpress Plugins

Everyone that uses open source software like WordPress or Drupal have their favourite plugins/modules. Once you have had to build dozens of sites you start to find the plugins that work versus those that don’t.

One of the best things about WordPress is the availability of so many plugins for nearly every task you could imagine. One of the biggest problems is that many of those WordPress plugins, to be brutally honest, just suck.

Here is a little list of WordPress plugins or other helpers that we can’t do without when we run up new WordPress sites:

  1. Theme & Framework. Genesis. Most sites that aren’t going to be totally custom built benefit from having a solid framework to build on. We love Genesis and the many themes that StudioPress make available for it. If you want a nice looking and highly functional WordPress site without a full development you would be hard presed to go past a Genesis Theme.
  2. WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast. In my opinion the best SEO plugin available currently. I know Joost and he goes out of his way to make sure his plugins (yeah he has a few to his name) simply work well and do more than you could want them to do. With great in plugin help and support options, if you want to cover off your basics and make sure you have some of the more advanced areas covered as well, go get it. It’s free!
  3. Akismet WordPress Plugin by Automatic. If you are going to allow comments of any type on your WordPress site then you want this. All you need to do is generate a key for the site (instructions provided) and then it takes care of so much of the comment spam that you often forget it is there. Donate to them they do a great job!
  4. Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin by Rocketgenius We find that Gravity Forms is the best all round (and advanced) form building plugin for WordPress that we have used. Build forms from simple to very complex, manage the auto responders and data capture easily and have your site looking more professional in minutes. It’s well worth the $39 price tag and is so easy to use.

There are a million more plugins out there and I will try and start writing up more on specific favourites for custom purposes over the coming months.

These plugins are pretty much must haves in my opinion and will make your life much easier.

That’s what ireckon, what do you reckon?


2 thoughts on “4 WordPress Plugins you can’t do without

  1. Gavin Heaton - February 5, 2013

    I also love the Yoast “comment redirect” plugin. It allows you to send first time commenters to a specific page providing you a chance to create a more intimate first impression. Oh and I’m a huge Genesis fan. Huge.

  2. Rick - February 5, 2013

    I don’t think a paid plugin such as Gravity Forms should be on the “can’t do without list”.

    If you’re flexible you can achieve great result with free plugins.

    In the other hands I completely agree on Yoast’s SEO Plugin and Akismet.


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