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Honest fast advice on things you can do TODAY to make your website better

You get one-on-one coaching with me and get the benefit of my 17+ years experience developing and marketing web sites and applications for businesses and organisations of all sizes.


What do you get?

You get direct one-on-one access to me and all my extensive experience.

I have been working with clients and sites of all sizes for over 17 years. Starting with launching some of the first Portals in Australia in the early 1990s I have worked with companies from News Corporation through to many small to medium sized entities from complex custom built projects to themed and easy to implement open source projects.

My focus is not on the tools or size of the project but the results.

I have seen first hand how so many developments and online projects are crippled at the start by poor planning and budget allocations, and how few expend the effort to make their online assets achieve great things by focussing on what really matters.

I share with you everything I know about online marketing, web site development, strategy and planning and focusing clearly on the results that matter. You get to ask the questions that matter to you, not generic off the shelf questions.

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I was frustrated when I analysed my user behaviour on my site and visitors were not doing what I wanted them to do.

Within the first minute I had the first of many  aha moments.  Darryl hit me  with a few very direct questions and immediately pointed out where my site was completely at odds with my stated goals.  He helped me get an understanding of who my ideal customers were and based on this helped me restructure the site and suggest improvements to my content to help serve my ideal customers.

Ed Pelgen, Online Kickstart

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NB > These sessions are a one on one session. At this time, I am not catering for multi-person sessions but I am recording the sessions for you. So you can share it with your team.

Why? I want your focus, undivided for 50 minutes. No distractions, no debates with team members about a topic and wasting your valuable 50-minute session.

Want to know more then ask me more about these sessions - ask here.

How the sessions work:

  • 50 minutes
  • Online using skype
  • we share screens so either can show the other what is being discussed
  • You can discuss whatever you want during your session
  • Web Strategy
  • Building your web / app plan
  • Web Development
  • Online & Web marketing
  • Site optimisation / improvement, conversion optimisation
  • $275 AUD

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The sessions from the website planning just made me realise how little I knew and how much I had to learn. Each session I learned something new about our business and a new way of thinking about how to reach customers.

The creation of Jenny, a fictional person who was typical of the sort of client we needed to get the message to was a ridiculously simple, but smart thing to do. Funnily enough when you and I dissected it, the information we needed to get across, as you pointed out, was not what we expected. The result is a better focus on who we are selling to and how we will go about it.

Greg Reinhardt, Lucaffe


NOTICE ABOUT CANCELLING ONE-ON-ONE SESSION: AS these time slots are limited and booked mostly in advance, I am unable in many cases to fill them and the impact to my calendar and planning can be significant.

Thus we do not offer refunds for cancellations of One-on-One Sessions and if you need to cancel and book again you will have to pay for that second time slot.


If you want to get a rock solid confronting and direct review of what you are doing well, doing poorly or any in between and serious suggestions on how to fix it then book a session above.

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