Responding with media queries

With handheld devices like smart phones and tablets becoming more and more common, making a new version of a web site for each size or resolution simply isn’t viable. Media queries are an extension of media types, which add the power of evaluating certain properties of a media type. Where before we could only specify, […]

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Adding presentational text with CSS

While it’s best practice to separate your presentation layer (CSS) from your content (HTML) when building a website, sometimes these lines can be blurred when you want to add some text purely for presentational purposes. This is where the CSS attribute ‘content’ comes in. This attribute can be used to add text to elements, but only works […]

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Fonts in Web Design

As CSS3 becomes widely supported by modern browsers, and as users slowly start using these modern browsers, we as web designers are open to a range of possibilities for using a wider variety of fonts in our designs. But what does that mean? In my opinion – for those of us who work in web […]

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Do you know your Bounce Rate?

Most website owners are aware that site usage statistics are a valuable source of information about how their site visitors access and use their site.  However, many never seem to find the time to review these statistics, or are bewildered by the sheer volume of data available. One of the obvious things site owners will […]

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