Celebrating the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s 80th Birthday with infographics!

As content marketing becomes more and more essential in website promotion, we all need to adapt our approach to promoting content. One of the bigger tools in a content marketer’s toolbox right now, is the infographic.

Infographics, when done well, are easy to share, visually appealing, and can easily convey a high volume of information quickly. And – from a website marketing point of view – their success as a tool for driving traffic and building links is hard to ignore.

Which is why we’re pleased to announce that – through our sister company, BlueGlass Australia – we are now offering infographics creation and promotion as a service to our clients. Want to see an example of our work for yourself? Then check out our piece that’s just been picked up by the Daily Telegraph, featuring on their site today.


Infographic from BlueGlass Australia about the 80th Anniversary of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Opening


Put This Infographic on Your Site – just paste the below code onto your page

Like what you see? Want to see how Blueglass Australia can help your content get out there? Then get in touch today. We’d love to hear from you.

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