Digital Marketing Strategy

Having a strategy for your online development and marketing ensures you spend wisely and get a great return on investment. Not having a strategy is like going on a road trip without a map.

With more than 15 years working with businesses to develop and implement critical parts of their digital marketing strategies we offer a unique and highly focused method for developing strategies that get better websites, web applications and overall online marketing investments.

What is a web / digital strategy?

A web strategy is so much more than a web site, in the same way a marketing strategy is more than the individual marketing components. A web strategy is about how you use web based technologies for your organisation / business.

Technology itself cannot resolve fundamental issues. Your business needs to utilise technology in smart and effective / efficient ways to help it connect with and provide for the users (or community) that are likely to or already have an interest in your offerings.

Many web sites are seen as the strategy, yet fail to provide any meaningful results for the business investment. In essence, most are little more than modern brochure-ware sites that may work well and look nice, but fail to be anything other than a small part of the organisation’s offerings.

A web strategy seeks to identify all the opportunities that are suitable for effective web technology, which includes understanding the audience, knowing the capacity and resources of the organisation, being across the broadest possible coverage of technological issues and creating a vision and road map of how to find the sweet spot between them all.

Jeremiah Owyang expresses it as finding the web strategy balance between the three spheres of web strategy: community, business and technology.

How having a proper strategy helps…

  • Ensuring overall company goals are met
  • Aids in future decisions (do they match the strategy)
  • Helps to budget and plan effectively
  • Is measurable and determines next tactical actions

Developing a strategy doesn’t have to take countless resources and time away from the project. We work with each client individually to create strategies that will work for their business. It’s time and money well spent.

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