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We don't just create home page designs but work with our clients
to design ways to improve their businesses.

Our web designs for sites create results!

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Purpose-driven Web Design

The Ireckon design process is a careful thought out, tested and modern methodology to help create solutions to problems.

The design is not just visual elements that make up the pages or application screens. These are part of the design and development process. We ensure that the design process includes all parts, pages, functions and steps in the process.

Great design solves problems and improves the results on how users respond and use your web application.

Using research, testing and experience to create web designs that not only look good but work well has been a hallmark of our web design and development work for more than 16 years.

What sort of Web Design services
do you need help with?

Does any of the following apply to you?

  • I need help with my WordPress site.
  • Our existing site isn't getting us the results we want.
  • We want to build a whole new site and don't know where to start.
  • Do you have any set website package pricing?
  • Our previous developer isn't around anymore and we are stuck.
  • Our site has been hacked multiple times and we need someone that knows how to fix it.
  • We need someone to audit our site and suggest how we can improve it.

recent feedback...

Thanks Darryl I am enjoying it being live and so far updates to the website have been pretty straight forward to manage. Thanks again for all your  help in putting it together and look forward to working with your team in keeping it up to date.

Anne. Diversicare

What are the steps to get a new website?

If it feels like a problem knowing where to start, it doesn't need to be. We usually suggest that a phone call, video chat or face to face meeting is the best starting point.

Why? Many people don't have a full brief or scope ready on day one and want to discuss with potential partners what they are thinking.

Talking about your ideas and concerns is a great way for us both to see if we can work together and whether more time should be invested by all in getting a project underway.

The steps that a new project will take from there are:

  • Briefing and scoping process - Making sure there is enough information about the site design project
  • Quote (and acceptance)
  • Paying a deposit to schedule and commence the project
  • Kickoff meetings for design briefing, content review and other project commencement needs
  • Design tiles, prototyping and approval steps
  • Integrating approved design templates into a content management system
  • Content loading and enhancement
  • Testing and Quality Assurance steps
  • Your testing and sign off
  • Finalisation payments and release process
  • Post-launch testing and issue handling
  • Long term support and assistance

This is a typical mid-size project workflow. For a smaller themed mini site it will be much less and for a more detailed customised project, there will be additional steps throughout.

Keeping you in control

We understand that the way your brand is represented matters to you and our design process works around that. We actively work with our clients to get their input through each and every step of the design process.

It starts with the initial strategy and scoping decisions. Starting by identifying the problems that need solving and stepping through each of these problems individually. Using working web page prototypes, we can help our clients see the design evolve on a screen where it is used.


Flat rendered images don't allow you to make final decisions correctly. Evaluating prototypes that are realistic ensures a faster moving and more inclusive development. At each of the prototype stages, our clients have to approve the designs and layout. Meaning no hidden surprises at the end of the project.


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