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Digital is dead. Pretty blunt but it’s true. It is no longer or should be no longer the case that digital is thought of as a separate part of the business or the marketing plan. With Over 10 million people in Australia using the internet from home and over 9 million using mobile devices, more Australians are connecting to the internet than ever before.

Traditionally the digital side was a secondary thought to everything else. Considered the red headed cousin that the other advertising mediums didn’t really want to spend time with. However with the increase of people using the internet more than any other medium to find information, communicate with friends and conduct business it has become one of the main points of contact.

With this change in behaviour from consumers it is important to begin to not just bring digital to the front of the marketing mix, but to look at how it can be integrated with all areas of marketing. Integration isn’t just about slapping a url at the bottom of a press ad or throwing previous ad up onto the website, it’s about making sure that there is a single message across all mediums. Ensuring that the print ads relate to what is being said on the radio which also relates to what is on the website. Basically making it all work together.

“Easier said than done,” I hear you say, but in reality it isn’t. What it truly means is that when you are looking at undertaking any marketing activity you should be looking at what effect it is going to have on the online and offline components of your strategy. If you have a campaign for something that differs from your regular marketing activities and the offline media has been designed specifically for it, developing a specific landing page or microsite would allow the same message to be carried across both mediums. This also applies to the development of a new website, don’t just go in and get something designed that look like a million dollars, if it doesn’t work with your offline marketing then it might confuse the customer into thinking that they are at the wrong site.

So don’t call the undertaker just yet for your digital campaign, Digital hasn’t died, it has just become one with the other campaigns.

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