Online Stamp Problem Solved

Stead Bros is a Brisbane based national stamp manufacturer that came to Ireckon with a unique challenge. They already had several online properties, their own and in conjunction with other providers, however none adequately catered for the uniqueness of their product.

The biggest challenge in a self-designed stamp online is fitting the entire process neatly into a traditional shopping catalogue and cart experience as well as the WYSIWIG editor and it’s limitations.

Craig from Stead Bros wanted to improve the user experience and make the editor reflective of the actual size of the stamp you were ordering and to be smart enough to adjust font sizes and other components as you designed the stamp, in your browser window.

We knew there was no point diving deep into the project and spending a lot of their money without resolving the most important part and so we engaged in a prototype development for the editor to complete a proof of concept.

With this successfully done we then undertook the development of the White Label site for Stead Bros, so their wholesale customers could use custom sites to sell rubber stamps directly using these sites and for Stead Bros to get orders that were correct and easy to make.

Ireckon developed the entire project using Symfony 2 and customised several available modules to build a unique and carefully designed shopping / purchase process that gave Stead Bros complete control on the process and helped their customers generate sales easily.


Getting Search Marketing Summit into Peak Shape

No Drama Media a Sydney based Search Marketing Conference company changed the brand and positioning of their annual conference for Australian and New Zealand online marketing professionals and wanted to not only produce a new website but also consolidate several other sites.

They have been using wordpress for many years to manage their previous sites and wanted to continue with this content management system which worked well with our experience in wordpress and design but also custom plugin development.

Once the new brand was finalised the Ireckon design team went through our design concept phase and prototyping with Barry Smyth to get to the finished design styles that would make up the site.


Using a lightweight theme framework and several key plugins that allow for full page building capabilities without massive overhead has enabled the site to be built out in a unique way that provides a distinctly different look to their previous sites.

No Drama and Ireckon have used several external plugins and code to manage the agendas and key conference content but always found issues and restrictions for their needs.

In the new version a series of custom options have been added that allow No Drama media to get the front end results they want, enable easy to manage back end tools and with a fully mobile friendly responsive site can focus on one web presence for the conference and marketing.

Both companies easily communicated remotely during all the development phases and Ireckon is continuing to add new functionality and add-ons to the site as the 2016 event nears. We also provide full hosting and CDN services for the Search Marketing Summit site as part of our relationship with them.

If you are wanting to learn more about Search Marketing and other Online Marketing then this conference (and site) is worth checking out.

If you want to know more about our Conference Agenda WordPress Plugin see our Plugins.

A new web property for All Properties Group

All Properties Group previously had their site running in a multi site WordPress installation that they had outgrown. With more complex user needs for individual agents and wanting a fresh new design Ireckon was engaged to build out the new site.

Evaluating all their current needs, re-evaluating the way their teams would use the site moving forward and how best to manage roles, content management and their structured data needs we created a plan to migrate into a new Drupal site with a fresh responsive design.

Ireckon’s prides itself on being able to choose the right tool for the job and in this instance Drupal best matched All Properties Groups needs.

Real Estate Agents need to have a strong presence online for their properties, and especially their message so that prospective sellers can get a better understanding of what is being offered. The new and strengthened messaging for All Properties Group and their new clean design has certainly been well received.


All Properties Group Drupal Website


Using our step by step prototyping design process, enabled Chris and Michael at All Properties Group to refine the design as it evolved through the entire project to get the end result they wanted.

Ireckon continues to provide ongoing Drupal, Design and Content Support as well as Drupal Hosting.

A tourism portal rebuild for Australian tours and things to do is a leading Australian Tourism Portal and has been using Ireckon as their hosting and site developer for more than 5 years.

The original site design and functionality has been in place since the beginning of the site and as time progressed it was holding back the growth and options available for Tourstogo.

Several different options and strategies were evaluated before the decision to redesign the front end of the site and adding some minor functional tweaks to lay a new framework for the site.

Ireckon worked through multiple stages of:

  • strategy
  • research and testing
  • prototype design
  • design and integration

During each of these stages Tourstogo were able to make key business decisions in how the resulting site looks, function and business operations would result and over a 3 month period the site went from an old and restrictive design:


To a new and fully responsive modern design that has already helped improved the conversion rate of the site.


Much of the new site design was to ensure the site could adequately compete in the Australian Tourism space and be highly reflective of the wide product offering. With Tourism being so visual it was extremely important to add in a much stronger visual design element around Pictures of the locations and the Tours themselves.

Improving the search options and the results that were provided back to better meet user intent was also an important part of the redevelopment. This firs t stage has allowed for a completely new way of presenting their tours and the future planned developments will continue to build on this new style.

Self Managed WordPress Site for Self Managed Super

Otium Group was introduced to us by a colleague who had started to undertake a larger content focussed marketing strategy for their organisation.

Initially we took over their hosting to give them a stable corporate platform, this then led to the opportunity to present a proposal to build their new site. The existing Otium Group site had outgrown it’s usefulness and was a merge of several business unit sites that had then lost it’s ability to clearly deliver the message of what Otium Group offered specifically in the field of Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

Through the initial review and planning approach Ireckon helped to identify where the messaging and focus was being lost on the old site, and how best to structure and deliver that message in a new development within the parameters of budget and retaining WordPress as the delivery platform.

Using our standard Agile prototyping design and development implementation method the site was progressively built as the needed content was developed. This was applied into the design themes and individualised Calls to Action and steps throughout the content / site were implemented.

The end resulting website is a strong, highly structured platform from which the current content developed can be evaluated and improved based on how the new site performs.

With the key goal being to help inform and qualify as many potential clients as possible and lead them into the next step of contacting the company, this is easy to review over time – analysing the site flows, inquiry rates and types of people that are making inquiries.

The site development included numerous elements that can be adjusted and manipulated by Otium to help them self-manage the process of improving the site performance over time.

This site utilised a custom theme development, visual editor and is fully responsive so that it is future proof on release for the additional goals the site has.

Using wordpress means the company can continue to work in the environment they are familiar with but allow for much more long term improvement through the use of content and goal monitoring.

Not only Self Managed Superannuation, but a Self Managed Website!

Getting a new Website in Shape

Shape Consulting wanted to rebrand and refresh their web presence for their Business to Business Consulting Firm.

They old site was in a proprietary CMS and due to their familiarity and previous use in an alternative it was determined to go WordPress and a custom theme design. Importantly this would allow them to control and grow the site long term.

An important part in any redevelopment is to review all the existing content and site architecture to identify problem areas, content that can be reduced (or expanded) and to ensure the site structure works for the new goals.

Some simplification of the Shape Consulting message occurred and a clearer pathway to the most important content was put in place as well as several contact methods and opportunities to receive some automatic documents as required by potential clients.

Ireckon helped to craft visual design elements that held true to their brand and emphasise the objectives at each stage through the site.

We employed design elements that Shape Consulting can now continue with some templates that facilitate them easily adapting new images and pages into this site to keep long term integrity of the style.

A client only area was added into the site utilising several WordPress plugins that catered specifically to Shape Consulting’s needs and these allowed for specialised information delivery to key clients without a major reinvestment.

The site took on a great ‘Shape’, and is now telling the Shape Consulting story. It is responsive in design and works across all devices as well as retaining a strong corporate image. Have a look.

We want websites without Hiccups, except this one.

Hiccup Insurance contracted Ireckon to help them bring to market their Motor Vehicle Excess Waiver Insurance product. They identified a hole in the market where average car rental customers just weren’t being serviced in the way they wanted. In partnership with their first online provider VroomVroomVroom, Hiccup Insurance wanted to not only offer to the open market they have also strategically positioned themselves with VroomVroomVroom as an automatic recommendation.

Ireckon scoped and built a Web Application in Symfony 2 that, was fast to market, robust and can grow with the business. Providing both Administration tools and the ability to plugin white label customers to offer the product the App went live with a native Hiccup interface and a VroomVroomVroom interface.

This application helps to not only take the sale of the policy and provide all policy documentation, in conjunction with the relevant underwriters, it also manages communication of policy information and documentation to the underwriters.

Ireckon’s role in this application was predominantly the engine and application and embedding it into the front end sites as required by Hiccup Insurance and now with a successful launch updates and the next stage is already in planning.

While it is hard to see the back engine that works behind the two sites and If you happen to purchase the insurance offered through these sites, you will be using the application we built.

The benefits of using a php framework like Symfony 2 is the speed of initial development and configuration as well as the ability to extend and develop without needing to worry about the core being robust, stable and scalable.

Hiccup Insurance purchase pages

A journey to new website possibilities

Nick Page from Oasis Travel had his original website designed and built by the Ireckon team more than 7 years ago using a now superseded proprietary CMS we built in the 1990s.

Nick needed a refresh and the capability to handle more progression of what his site could do and, what started as a discussion to see what small alterations could help, quickly became a project on porting his site into Drupal.

Several CMS options were considered initially but it quickly became apparent Drupal was the tool to handle the deep inter-related content that makes up this extensive site covering many parts of the globe.


Oasis Travel offer boutique travel packages based on their extensive personal experience and industry knowledge. Their site provides a depth of knowledge and information about many destinations, tours, and hotels across many regions.

This important first step in migrating to a new CMS included several design updates, improved information hierarchy, and new features including their ‘spunky’ new itineraries and, of course, the site is now mobile device responsive.


All of this is managed within related content types and nodes within Drupal and allows Oasis to focus on the content and the business of selling whilst also knowing there are easier upgrade and extension paths as they look to improving the offering they provide.

There is no better feeling for our team than to get to continue to work with long term clients as it reflects the way we work with them and their trust in what we know and do.

Next steps in bringing great coffee to the masses.

Lucaffe has been with Ireckon since Greg and Kate Reinhardt took the business over and started with a good simple first stage site that allowed their customers to order their products and to start building an online presence.

Greg and Kate have a very unique, personal, and special way of doing business and as they grew the business it was always part of the master plan to redevelop and improve how their site worked for them.

It starts with a great story

The issue with the initial site was that it told no story. It was functional and a good first step but the most important part, the story, was missing.

Lucaffe is such a great story and has so much to offer that it was important to dig deeper into the story and what was really on offer in order to build a new style. Capturing the Italian flair and feel for coffee was important, and allowing the unique branding of Lou to come front and centre throughout the site was highly important.

Generating results

It isn’t just about creating something new. The project was very much about extending the reach of Lucaffe, ensuring they could stay current, so a responsive mobile friendly web site design was critical, but also important was ensuring their search optimisation, social integration and expanded capabilities could continue the story.

Like any small business that’s growing, time is hard to find, so making sure the tools behind the site were easy to use and consistent were important. Both their sites have been built on Drupal with the new one using Drupal 7 and Commerce.

Integrated online campaign for memberships.

The Brisbane Broncos wanted to take a unique approach to their membership drive for 2013. In looking for something different they approached their current voice broadcasting company (Reachtel) to see how a concept involving video, web, social and phone services could be integrated.

Reachtel, together with Ireckon to handle the web component and Radium who manage the video for the Broncos, made up the team needed to bring this project together.

Combining online and offline

The campaign is based around the 25th birthday in 2013 of the Brisbane Broncos, and people are invited to see if they get into ‘the party’. Using a combination of web based overlays, instant automated voice calling and video, the site takes site visitors inside the Broncos Party for some light-hearted moments with current and past players before encouraging viewers to join up for next year. The entire experience is personalised to them throughout the campaign.

Creating prospective members

The key goal of this campaign is to increase membership of the club for 2013. By engineering the project to incentivise people to provide their details to participate, as well as asking them to enter the competition, participants details were gathered for both the club and sponsors’ future use.

The technique has resulted in thousands of possible contacts the club can use in their membership building campaign that will run through into next year.

It was a fun project to be involved in and enabled Ireckon to utilise its expertise in data management, scalable development and hosting facilities as well as online marketing experience.