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We design and develop result driven web, social and mobile applications.

Have your previous sites reached their potential? Did you start with a clear objective or goal? Did you ensure that all the design work for that site met that goal? Did the site web design get caught up in decisions over ‘pretty’ or ‘gut feel’ decisions?

How do you make sure you don’t make these mistakes in your next project?

There is a clear pathway to making sure your next web design, website investment or application development is worth the time and money you spend on it. Our steps to getting the right result for you are:

1 Research & Planning

The most elegant, functional and best performing web sites come from quality research, information gathering, clarity of understanding the problems to be solved and a joint focus on what the project is about.

Research for your project might include data analysis, content audits, technical requirement scoping and user or stakeholder interviews

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2 The Plan

With the above research information we develop a strategy with our clients to solve the problems outlined. Each application or web design / site project is different and we treat them that way.

Using our experience and the knowledge gathered we work in conjunction with our clients to outline a clear strategy and a workable project plan.

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3 Concept Development

Skip web design mock-ups and generic web page templates. We create a design style guide that we use throughout the development and lay out usable prototypes for our clients to see what is being designed. These accurately show what the concepts in the medium they are being developed for.

Each step in the prototyping phase is presented to our clients and no progress is made until each prototype stage is approved. It means you get to the end having approved everything in advance.

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4 Development

This is the phase when all of the design and critical decisions made earlier, the prototypes that have been built and approved and all the pre-prepared content come together to make the site or application.

This is when the web design effort of our team comes to the fore as the web site or application comes to life.

5 Testing & Training

We test on a heap of devices and browser. That way we know things actually work. It’s called a quality assurance process and all our work goes through it. We provide little training videos ), in person training and / or written training for our clients so they know how to manage their site.

6 Deployment and Support

Ireckon is unique in that we have been managing a high grade hosting network for our clients for more than 10 years. We know how to scale and manage what we build. Once ready we deploy the application or site in a way that supports the goals outlined at the beginning of these processes.

Our support team helps ensure that the ongoing evolving development cycle is supported by us.

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